PIV hold two auctions for members each year with about 550 objects in each auction. The auctions are in the Spring and Autumn. All the cards are pictured in the membership magazine which is sent to members.

The next auction will be held in October 2018
Click here and download the catalogue and start pricelist.

How to submit postcards for the auctions.
Members can submit postcards to be chosen for auction by sending them to the club’s address;  Postkortsamlere i Vest, Postboks 965, 5808 Bergen.

If you wish to have cards included in the auctions then do not wait too long before sending them in as only a limited number can be chosen. The club’s auction committee chose the cards to be included based on quality, motif as well as the known interests of our members.

Auction catalogues and pricelists
The present and old auction catalogues and pricelists can be downloaded here. Vaar is Spring and Host is Autumn.

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